Weight KITS

Weight loss kit

2 x/j  sur 28days = 220€

(Boire 3l d'eau/j. + 20mn de Sport sans s'arrêter /j. + Pas d'alcool)

  • Weight Loss : 18mn 
  • Minceur :  41mn

 Métabolic Weight Loss kit

2 x/d on 28days = 240€

(Boire 3l d'eau/j. + 20mn de Sport sans s'arrêter /j. + Pas d'alcool)

  • Métabolique weight loss : 62mn

 Fitness & CELLULITTE kit

2 x/d  28d = 160€

(drink 3l of water/j. + 20mn Sport  /day + no d'alcohol)

  • Cellulit : 15mn 
  • fitness : 41mn 


These scalar care programs were invented by health professionals (USA, Russia, India) then converted into a quantum version of the informational type - in order to facilitate the message carried by the scalar waves which will amplify it and bring it to the chosen target Sources

These programs (drugs, plants, flowers, natural remedies, crystals, sound frequencies, ...), translated by computer and informations, must be sent twice a day over a period of 10 days minimum (or more if necessary).

There are immediate results for pain relief or insomnia treatments, sometimes longer for more subtle treatments (spiritual growth, memory improvement ...) or even for DNA treatments or cell reconfiguration.

It is possible to do several treatments at the same time within the limit of 1 hour so that the body can manage this information effectively.

Scalar waves are spiral shaped waves. They cross matter more easily because their wavelength is infinite (they do not vibrate), so they are not absorbed by matter but penetrate between atoms until they come into contact with the nucleus of the atom and therefore interfere on an internal level. In the quantum dimension (infinitely small), particles carry information, through air and faster than light. We program special information to target this or that problem to be solved and the scalar healing reaches the vital information field of the target to tune with it and integrate this new information as its own.