DETOX vacs CDS heavy metals & Parasites


* "You now have the opportunity to read the first multicenter clinical study _ carried out in several Latin American countries_ which clearly demonstrates that chlorine dioxide is a fully effective treatment against COVID-19".

_Dr. Andreas Kalcker, Clinical study shows Chlorine Dioxide CD is fully effective treatment against Covid-19. Journal of Molecular and Genetic Medicine, Volume 15: S2, 2021_

Video of the preparation of 1 liter of water + 15ml CDS 0.3% per day (adapt in 3ml or 10ml)

Protocol A for a first CDS intake, as a BEGINNER:!!!!!!!!!!!! BEFORE ANY 1st CDS-MMS Treatment Protocol, FOLLOW PROTOCOL "A" for a minimum of 7 days. If you increase the dose too quickly, your body will react to not being able to expel its toxins too quickly and will let you know.

Protocol "A" for a 1st CDS take, as BEGINNER:

D1: The first dose is 3ml of CDS + 200ml of mineral water, before going to sleep.

Day 2: The second day = 3ml of CDS + 200ml of water 1 hour after breakfast and 3ml of CDS + 200ml of water before sleeping.

D3 and more: The third day and the following 7 days:-1st intake = 3ml of CDS + 200ml of water after breakfast; -2nd intake = 3ml of CDS + 200ml of water 1 hour after having breakfast; -3rd dose = 3ml of CDS + 200ml of water before sleeping.

Do this until you feel recovered, in 7, 14 or 21 days.

This "A" protocol is suitable for long term application and also serves as maintenance.You can continue with the protocol of your choice after 7 days of protocol "A" if you feel well.`In case of bothersome effects (diarrhea, stomach aches, nausea, weakness etc.): Return to the lower dose where you feel well and this for 15 days before increasing the dose.

PROTOCOL C as Serious Detox CDS 0.3% (or OLD PROTOCOL 101)

 10 ml of 3000 ppm or 0.3% CDS (or 100 ml of 300 ppm CDS) are added to 1 liter of mineral water, per day.

One part is taken every hour, until the contents of the vial are used up (8 to 12 doses).

The duration of treatment would be the time needed, until you feel recovered (dose-response).

Between 7 days to 21 days of treatment for cleaning.In severe illness or danger of death, the dose should be increased, slowly and gradually, in separate doses, taken throughout the day and depending on the state of mind, until reaching a max. 30 ml per liter of water. 

If it is necessary to drink more, prepare another bottle of water.

 The dose should be reduced if you feel sick or nauseous.

 Do not exceed 60 ml in 12 daily doses (5 ml / h for 100 kg).

● Protocol C = 10 ml of CDS 3000 ppm (or 0.3%) in 1 liter of water, per day, to drink every hour in 8 to 10 times.

Protocol C is the one used to treat most illnesses and also to do a general cleansing of toxins or "detox". and small parasites.

 It is also a detoxification procedure, probably the most effective known.

To date, it does not cause any problems with side effects or unwanted interactions, and it usually does not cause diarrhea when fully absorbed in the stomach.

If you are taking other drugs, you should keep a safe time distance of one to two hours so that you do not lose the effectiveness of CDS.

Do not take (before 4 hours upstream and / or before 2 hours downstream from the CDS): Vitamin C or Baking soda at the same time because they cancel the effect.

Sources: _ COMUSAV_For more information on CDS, read Dr A. Kalcker's book for download 


Do not ingest food for half an hour before and after oral intake.Avoid supplements and antioxidant foods like coffee, green tea, etc. during the day. (other doctors claim that antiOxidants do not negate the effect of CDS)

Do not supplement vitamin C because, by a possible phase cancellation, it counteracts the effect of IC02. (Other doctors claim that antiOxidants do not cancel out the effect of CDS)

Do not take any medication or medication during the hour before and after oral intake.

It is not recommended for people on anticoagulation, because the CI02 increases the electrical conductivity and is reflected in the measurement indices. In this case, the treatment should be closely monitored by a specialist doctor.

The use of CI02 is not recommended in people with Botox, Stents Coronarios / Flevológicos.

Women with metrorrhagia stop taking a few days before and after menstruation.

It is not recommended during pregnancy or breastfeeding.

 Consult in case of doubt for other pathologies.


Keep in mind; the results are only evaluations of experimental research on volunteers. They do not in any way constitute medical advice or a prescription. We do not make any referrals to anyone .... for any specific condition or disease.