INFOS ABOUT 2 HEALING TYPES: Distance Healing via Scalar or Direct healing in Paris, France, Cabinet

Bioresonancy & Frequencies by direct induction

in Paris office, 75010, France

How it works: Frequency induction (Hz) by contact on the inside of the wrists or on the parts of the body to be targeted. By induction, the frequencies come into direct contact with the organs without having to pass the barrier of the skin.
Sound frequencies re-harmonize and correct "sick" wavelengths. They restore the "LA" to the wavelengths of the organs or even cancel the parasitic wavelengths which weaken the body.
Using the frequencies of Dr Rife, H. Clarck, Nogier, Bahr, Reininger, frequencies of colors, planets or even medicines, essences of flowers and Bach flowers (5000 frequencies), we create a tailor-made playlist according to your requests and needs.

A session of one hour to 2 hours per week is necessary over a period of 1 month depending on the pathologies.

 Scalar Waves & Informational fields

distant healing

How it works? : We diffuse scalar energy to energize your Vital Information Field (or informational aura) by connecting the one recorded via your photo (via the silver crystals which act as the emitter-receiver-recorder quartz). It is a natural phenomenon of syntony of vital fields on the quantum scale.

Quantum particles move twice as fast as the speed of light, which is why the information that is implemented in the different programs can have an immediate effect on the patient. (for pain or insomnia for example).

Whether you're on the other side of the world doesn't change the outcome. Our scalar device is connected to a quantum server itself made up of thousands of antennas.

In the event of an internet network failure, it is always possible to send you scalar care.

* Scalar waves are waves, shaped like a spiral. They cross matter more easily because their wavelength is infinite (they do not vibrate), so they are not absorbed by matter and penetrate between atoms until they come into contact with the nucleus of the atom and therefore interfere on an internal level. (to go further in quantum physics ...)

In the event of an internet network failure, it is always possible to send you basic care*


  • In quantum physics dimention,  your digital photo is your unique digital identifier as it contains binary datas that represents you Only. When we input this binary data into any computer, it will show the exact same picture of you. We convert then your photo with our scalar Quantum Server, we can target a scalar field to you no matter where you are. Each server has a powerful scalar broadcast station assigned to you when you're targeted to our program services.
  • Photo must be full body size or passport size. The Dimension no more than 1200X1600 Passport photo with white background is also equally effective.
  • Body clothing, if possible, can be a solid color, not having too many designs or words, animals and other designs on the fabric. Do not use red colored clothing.
  • The background for your photo should be any solid color preferably white color without any animal image or power outlet images.
  • It can be a solid white background or another light color.
  • If possible, take a photo without a cell phone, jewelry, leather belts, shoes, socks, glasses, metal jewelry, hats, scarves, headwear, etc.
  • Do not take a photo immediately after stress or an argument with other people.
  • Your photo should be taken with normal mood.
  • Do not take a picture at night.
  • Preferably in full sun, a photo should be taken.
  • Do not download a WhatsApp image.
  • The photo must be unedited, without filters or effects.
  • send pics by email to keep the right definition to

  • For the effectiveness of the result: Drink more water (3l / day) and sleep early. (alcohol to avoid)

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  • Disclaimer: individual experiences, not representative and applicable to each user. The result varies from person to person. 
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