NASA Classified MMS in 1983 as Universal Antidote' 


The link below is the 1987 NASA article that labeled a patented chlorine dioxide product called Alcide, a universal antidote.

The title of the article was "A Universal Antidote" (p. 118-121) (Pg. 118-121) PDF link français

"Last fall, two of the Big Three US automakers entered into agreements with Alcide Corporation, Norwalk, Connecticut for the distribution of the patented Ren New Air of Alcide Conditioner Disinfectant. The special properties of the Alcidem formulation, which has been approved by US regulatory authorities, allow it to destroy mold and fungi, as well as bacteria and viruses, with minimal damage to humans, animals or plants. This allows the product to be used to disinfect and deodorize automatic air conditioners without them. disassemble and without any persistent toxicity.

Disinfectant / Deodorant is one of the wide range of Alcide formulations designed for various purposes, covering automotive, medical, agriculture, pharmaceutical and consumer markets. Alcide is not, strictly speaking, a spinoff from aerospace technology. But the products themselves and the company that makes them are beneficiaries of assistance provided by NERAC, Inc., Tolland, Connecticut, one of NASA's nine Industrial Application Centers that provide research services to information and technical assistance to industry and government.

The history of Alcide Corporation, genesis and product development

The exceptional properties of the compound Alcide I were discovered by Howard Alliger in 1977 and developed by, Robert D. Kross, vice president of research and development of Alcide Corporation. While developing a compound for the sterilization of uluasonic cleaning tanks, Alliger discovered that the compound killed bacteria, viruses and fungi on contact or shortly thereafter.

Alliger acknowledged that he had found something with potential for many uses other than sterilizing the tank. He teamed up with fellow inventor Elliott J. SifFand in 1980,! formed a company to develop, market and license the compound. Today, Siff is President and CEO of Alcide Société; Alliger is no longer active in the company.

After a series of additional tests, it established the broad potential of the compound Alcide, the company asked NERAC to help identify possible applications and the types of companies that might have a need for such a product. NERAC has conducted a computer search of over a dozen databases and discovered dozens of applications, including the treatment of viruses, fungi and bacterial infections in animals; treatment of human skin diseases; disinfection and sterilization of medical facilities; as a sterilant for food production and food preservation machines; as a preservative for cutting oils and paints; and as a deodorant / disinfectant for carpets, chemical toilets, public transport and meeting places.

Alcide Corporation has developed and tested compounds for some of these applications and some of them are now commercially available, but regulatory approvals slowed the commercialization process for several years.

However, Alcide is now starting to make major strides in the United States and abroad. 1987 was a big year for the company. In addition to the automotive business arrangements, Alcide also has agreements with Bausch & Lomb to disinfect contact lenses; with Procter & Gamble for mouthwashes, toothpastes and other oral care applications; with the American breeders of W.R. Grace Division Service and the French company O.H.F. Animal Health for the distribution of a teat dip barrier designed to help prevent mastitis in cows.

Among major ongoing research, Alcide Corporation is teaming up with Koor Foods in Israel to develop antimicrobial food wash; with Cobe Laboratories, Denver, Colorado, testing a new formulation for cleaning kidney dialysis machines; and with the University of Connecticut School of Medicine to study the effect of the compound Alcide on human wound healing and scar tissue removal. At the Hebrew University of Israel dental school, trials are underway on a mouthwash to reduce dental plaque and in England researchers are having success in human clinical trials to treat it. herpes and other sexual problems and diseases transmitted with the appropriate Alkid formulation. "excerpts

Cet article de la NASA de 1983 était intitulé "A Composé polyvalent" (pages 86-87). Lien pdf english