CDS 0,3%  &   DMSO 70% : use of NASA universal antidote treatment


"Patented and used to disinfect water, blood from blood transfusions, in the treatment of bacterial, viral or fungal, amoeba, parasitic infections, or as a bone marrow regenerator, immune stimulant, for skin diseases, treatment of burns, treatment of neurodegenerative diseases, Alzheimer's disease, multiple sclerosis, autism (such as parasitic vaccinosis) ... and the list goes on.

Chlorine dioxide is also a chelant of other heavy metals, as it is able to oxidize harmful forms and impurities of magnesium, iron, mercury, cyanide sulfides, aldehydes and mercaptatives, thioethers , cyanide dioxide, nitrous hydrogen sulfide, etc.

Many people think it is barbaric to try to link vaccines to the increase in serious illness, especially in children. But more and more doctors are questioning vaccines because of the serious side effects shown and their more than questionable effectiveness. Mercury and adjuvants included in the composition of vaccines have caused, in children hyper-sensitive to heavy metal poisoning, diseases as serious as autism when they have intestinal parasites. "

Excerpts from: "CDS"
I dedicate this book to people who discover that things are never what they seem

Dr Andreas Ludwig Kalcker, 2013 

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