DNA & resonancy, physic quantum scalar


"The electromagnetic energy canceled in vibration gives scalar waves. Scalar waves propagate in the air: this is the famous transmission of energy at a distance that Tesla spoke of: he said he could supply electricity from a distance to a boat at sea which would not need any own source to produce energy, simply by receiving a "death ray" (ultra powerful beam of scalar waves).

Nikola Tesla called his wave transmitter a "magnifying transmitter" because of this superunit efficiency: in fact more energy was coming to its receiving antenna than the quantity emitted by the transmitting antenna. Professor Meyl explains to us that this is not a "miracle" but the recovery of the near or distant environment, of a set of harmonic scalar waves belonging to the background noise, which come " to be grafted "by resonance onto the first artificially created carrier wave. This phenomenon therefore increases the quantity of energy received compared to that which was emitted: it is typical of longitudinal waves which progress in a vortex-spiral (scalar waves).

Here, for the first time, the magnetic scalar wave theory explains information stored in pairs of the genetic code and a process of conversion into electrical modulation for, so to speak, a "piggyback" information transfer from the nucleus of the cell to another cell.
Why do scalar waves pass through matter more easily and are amplified naturally? As their wavelength is infinite (they do not vibrate), they are therefore not absorbed by the surface matter, but penetrate between atoms, until they come into contact with the nucleus of the atom, and therefore interfere at an internal level (unlike electromagnetic waves with their wavelength which are limited in penetration because the peaks of the vibration come into contact with matter). "

"DNA and cell resonance", Professor Konstantin Meyl.